Hey there and happy Monday! We’ve still been at it over the weekend trying to get that kitchen backsplash finished and it’s been way longer than expected, but we’re getting there and it’s looking beautiful. I’ll share it all just as soon as I can!

In the meantime, I thought that you’d be interested in a conversation about countertops. I’ve owned a house since the mid-80’s when there were such limitations on countertops and kitchen fixtures back then. It’s so much more advanced now, with so many choices in countertop materials, so today I’m talking about quartz and granite, which seem to be the main two in the forefront right now.

I’ve watched countertop choices move from laminate to the soaring popularity of granite back in the 90’s, to now quartz taking over as the highly sought after countertop material. I even remember when Corian was the hot new thing back in the 80’s and into the 90’s, but it sort of fell from grace when granite came along. That’s what I’ve observed anyway. I’ve seen soapstone, honed granite and leathered granite be popular choices over the years too. Concrete is another option that had some popularity, as well as real butcher block.

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