It sounded so simple when we were starting this kitchen renovation. Mark and I talked about tiling the backsplash ourselves. We had just finished that herringbone marble tile on the fireplace and it didn’t go so perfectly, so Mark was not thrilled about taking this on, but he did it because it needed doing and we figured we’d save a little money by doing this one ourselves. We try to do that on things we can do. But, this tile project may very well be our last tile project.

Again, tiling a backsplash sounds pretty easy, right? But this one required several steps to get there, so that made it even harder and more time consuming. I wasn’t going to share this process, but I figured I’d share real life DIY. Most people only share the end result and the beautiful reveal, but that’s not always real life. There is a lot of messy in between the Before pics and the pretty pics, so I’m going to show you all the messy today!

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